Implementation of precise analysis

Solving wear problems means to operating cause study. DURUM analyzes its own materials in the various laboratories (metallographic laboratory, wear test laboratory, welding laboratoy & Thermal Spraying laboratory) to find for each application the best solution.

As a certified company in accordance to ISO 9001:2015, DURUM guarantees the high quality of each indiviual delivery and assures the best results for wear protection solutions.

Metallographic Laboratory

The metallography lab serves to secure the quality of our products, as well as to provide new and further developments of our DURMAT® product range. It is also possible to customise products for the respective wear solution together with customers this way.


  • Cold and warm embedding
  • Grind- and polishing machine
  • Digital microscope (+DIC contrast)
  • Rockwell and Vickers hardness measurement
  • SPECTROMAXx metal analyzer
  • ROTAP sieve analysis
  • MicroTrac Laser particle size measurement
  • Hall-flow and apparent density analyzer


Wear Laboratory

DURUM has its own wear lab, so that both the products already established on the market and our newly developed alloys can be inspected for wear-resistance right in house. The wear lab comprises the ASTM G65-standardised friction wheel test and the Miller test standardised to ASTM G75.

This also permits development and testing of wear-resistant alloys in cooperation with customers, in order to find optimal wear protection solutions for the corresponding applications together.

Test stands

  • ASTM G65 – friction wheel test
  • „This test method covers laboratory procedures for determining the resistance of metallic materials to scratching abrasion by means of the dry sand/rubber wheel test. It is the intent of this test method to produce data that will reproducibly rank materials in their resistance to scratching abrasion under a specified set of conditions.“
  • ASTM G75 - Miller Test
  • „This test method covers a single laboratory procedure that can be used to develop data from which either the relative abrasivity of any slurry (Miller Number) or the response of different materials to the abrasivity of different slurries (SAR number), can be determined.“

Thermal Spraying Laboratory

DURUM has a spraying lab for thermal spraying. The DURUM spraying lab serves quality monitoring of the DURMAT® spraying wires and spraying powders for wire arc spraying with the PLC-controlled spraying system for cored wires and powder flame spraying. Furthermore, samples and small components can be produced in the spraying lab. It is well equipped with the Arc Spraying System DURSPRAY 450, Flame Spraying Torch UniSprayJet, Spray&Fuse-Torch UniSprayJet, DC-Plasma-Torch F6, a 6-Axis-Robot and a digitally controlled turning unit.

Welding Laboratory

DURUM has its own welding lab, in which test welds for newly developed alloys and sample welds on customers' requests are produced predominantly in addition to conducting welding-technical quality monitoring for the DURMAT®-welding products. Long experience and practice with DURMAT®-welding products enables customers to offer the best products for specific applications.