All power for wear protection

In addition to perfect welding rods, electrodes and additives, modern welding systems make a process-engineering contribution to effective wear protection. The long-term experience in application welding and the comprehensive understanding of the respective tasks in the application have been relevant contributions to innovations on the market that include the first wire arm spraying system for cored wires.

DURUM has offered trainings in the area of welding and thermal spraying to its customers since its founding in 1984. Customers can learn proper handling of the plant technology as well as defect-free processing of the DURMAT® products there in interactive presentations, demonstrations and technical discussions. The trainings offered by technically trained DURUM employees with long experience offer customers increased competences in wear technology and repair techniques. The trainings can also be individually customised to the specific customer and the associated specific wear solutions. The trainings can take place either at the main site of DURUM in Willich (Germany) or, of course, right at the customer's site as well – just as the customer prefers.

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Product training

Training Flux-Cored Arc Welding / FCAW (MIG/MAG/OA, SAW)

Training PTA-welding

Oxy-acetylene welding

Training Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)

Training Thermal spraying

Training Systems engineering