Industries and their wear solutions

All the different industry branches are subject to highly specialised requirements for which DURUM offers customised solutions with its DURMAT® product range. From open-cast mining or steel industry to the broad range of agricultural applications, every single customer will profit from the long experience and application-technical know-how with which DURUM has set standards in many areas.

Oil and Gas Industry

Throughout the oil and gas industry, from raw material transport to separation and transport of raw oil to valve linings, extreme operating conditions in the form of corrosion, temperature and mechanical situations demand the highest performance of the materials used. DURUM develops special wear protection solutions for the oil and gas industries that decisively get to the bottom of the causes of material wear.


Stabilizer Stabilizer Tool Joints Drill Bits Rock Bits Cones Diverter Decanter Plunger
Dies Drill Pipe Centering Pins Winch sprocket Centrifuge Mud pump Pipe elbow Valve housing and seat
Hole opener
Sucker rod Junk mill Gate valve shutter Separator Pipe coupling Plug valve Boiler cladding Column cladding Corrosion and thermal protection Tubes Valves Valve housing and seats Cone centering pin Rotary table drive gear Cathead Crosshead etc.



An industry that does not move mountains by faith, but by hard work, requires incredibly hard materials. Moving earth at astronomic scopes demands everything of the tools and machines. DURUM wear protection solutions support the enormous quantity of excavation with outstanding qualitative properties while also promoting higher economic efficiency by improving machine runtimes.


Bucket wheel excavators Rippers Bulldozers Scrapers Wheel bearings Hydraulic excavators Shovels Buckets Dump bodies Disc rollers Jaws Pallets Grading screens Cones or mantles Hammers Wear plates Shaft sleeves Elevator buckets Screws Crusher cones Drill rod Loader arm Driving shafts Cutting disc Pick box Track pad Rail points Hydraulic piston Plough sprocket Chain stripper Shearer drum Plough blade Plough picks Conveyor shute Underframe shoe Bucket wheel Earthmover Sieves and screens Caterpillar Wheel loader Hydraulic shovel Classifiers Fans Fan casings Hoppers and chutes Mobile equipment Primary and secondary crushers Tubes Pipes and elbows Wear plates Liners etc.


Cement Industry

Cement is one of the most-often produced materials in the world. Cement production machines must give everything to produce the raw materials required in such large amounts. Where massive material flows put a special strain on tools and machines, customised DURUM wear protection solutions ensure smooth operation – from raw material production to grinding systems to filling.


Crusher hammers Crusher bars Cyclone separators Harrows Worm feed screws Sludge worms
Cement kiln bearing rings Induction fans Füller cooler plates Folax cooler plates Folax clinker mill hammers
Füller clinker mill hammers
Drag chain links Bearing plates for clinker chutes
Worms for cement pumps Worm segment couplings Sacking nozzles Rollers etc.



In agriculture, nature determines the schedule. Fields must be tilled to maximum tool capacity when the time is right. The solutions developed by DURUM for special wear in agriculture help put the seed in the soil and bring the harvest in from the field in time. Agricultural equipment is built for ceaseless use in order to permit financial growth through yield.


Spring tynes Ridger bodies Chisel ploughs Cultivator discs Chopper discs for disc harrows Plough shares
Augers for post hole diggers Front wheel drive shafts Share and mouldboard for ploughs
Blades of manure spreaders Beaters on combine harvesters Drums on maize harvesters
Tynes of stubble cultivators Placement tynes for liquid fertiliser Rotary cultivator tynes
Fingers of harvester cutter bars Agitator discs for fertiliser distributors Harvester cutter bars
Blades for balers, loading trailers, fodder mixing vehicles

Spike rotors Flails Shares Lawnmower and verticutting blades etc.


Steel Industry

A steel plant is not a facility that you can just shut down briefly for maintenance. Its economic efficiency essentially depends on the permanent resilience of its particularly exposed key materials. DURUM wear protection technology offers solutions for the steel industry to increase runtimes and extend maintenance intervals to make steel production and processing run as if from a single cast.


Grinding rolls Toothed roll crusher Travelling wheels Screen FS Beaters Crusher hammers Feed bins
Clod crusher Conveyor screws Exhaust fans Grill bars Locking bar Hot shear blades Swivels Universal couplings
Guides and manipulators Stripper points Circular hot saw blades Table rollers Pushing oven supports
Coupling sleeves
Wobblers and roll bearings Guides Guide rollers Torsion rollers Idling rolls Straightening rollers Winder guard plates Pumps Support rollers Dummy bar rollers Support roller axles Drive rollers
Shear blades Bar supports Cooling rakes Shear blade sides Skip interiors Casting drills Rotary hopper
Large bells Small bells Blowpipes Tuyeres Cowper valves
Feed hoppers L.D. nozzles L.D. manifolds Continuous casting rolls Guillotine blades etc.